Warm beer? Industry workers speak out amid economic crisis

By Sara Valle-Martínez, Lauren Spencer and Gabriela Yorgova

Breweries might have to serve warm beer amid blackout warnings from the National Grid’s chief executive, and Holloway hospitality businesses are worried they might have to close down.

John Pettigrew said earlier this month Britain could be affected by the winter blackouts from 4pm to 7pm during January and February if the country is unable to import enough gas from Europe.

“If we have blackouts, we’re not even going to be able to open,” said Siobhan Croker, 35, manager of J D Wetherspoon branch by Highbury and Islington station.

“We’re not going to be able to bring in any money, staff are not going to be able to be paid. I’m a single parent as well so if I don’t have any money, I’ve got no food for the kids.”

Siobhan Croker, 35, helps run Islington’s JD Wetherspoons. Photo credit: Lauren Spencer

But not everybody shares the same concern.

Anastasia Patazaki, a bartender at The Famous Cock, disagreed. She said: “I haven’t heard a single person discussing the crisis,” Patazaki said, adding that old-fashioned ales are supposed to be served at cellar temperature.

The business department said that there are “no plans for the government to tell the public to reduce usage for the sake of energy supplies”.

The Famous Cock is located right outside Highbury and Islington station. Photo credit: Lauren Spencer

However, amidst ongoing debate of who should provide guidance to households and businesses, Cabinet Minister Nadhin Zahawi said it’s “only right that we plan for every scenario”.

Link: https://hollowayexpress.org.uk/warm-beer-industry-workers-speak-out-amid-economic-crisis/

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