Cruel Hearts Club: The unstoppable punk rock super mums do it again

By Sara Valle-Martínez / Heading photo courtesy of

Cruel Hearts Club is what you didn’t know you needed. On stage they look like grungy Powerpuff Girls – three badass gals with an edge. Armed with their axe-guitar, sword-bass, earth-shattering drums, and almighty voices, they’re ready to blow your speakers and rock your world.

Edie Langley, singer of the band, said: “When it comes to our music and life, especially at the minute, I’ve definitely got to a point in my life where I don’t let anyone stand in my way.”

Edie believes is all about the attitude. She smells like Fantasy by Britney Spears and drinks her decaf coffee – contrast and all, she looks like a rockstar on a day-to-day basis.

Cruel Hearts Club sound like if Gwen Stefani had a baby with Courtney Love and decided to raise it punk rock. They’re equally experts in the baby-making and banger-music-making.

Photo by Sara Valle-Martínez.

The trio has put out four singles and an EP, Trash Love, in the last three years and, between them, they have seven children. They’re also planning on putting out a full album next year. Motherhood fuels their inspiration and energy.

“We’re going to be doing our first full album this year and next year. In five years from now I’d like to have at least two albums out and, hopefully by then, a really strong following,” Edie added, placing her heart-shaped pink sunnies on top of her head.

From the very beginning, they were told only people in their twenties can be played on the radio. But nothing can stop them.

They juggle their day-time jobs with packing healthy lunches for their kids, composing non-stop, and creating music videos in par with their boldness. Gabi (drums) is a piano teacher for children, Gita (vocals, guitar, bass, synth) is a full-time violinist and Edie is opening her own venue in Margate soon.

Edie Langley playing @ Old Blue Last. Photo by Sara Valle-Martínez.

“There’s not denial that it’s hard. I’m not trying to pretend that women can do everything at once,” said Edie. “It’s a tricky time now with women trying to prove ourselves to do everything. But we’re also trying to share that we’re humans as well.”

Cruel Hearts Club was born when sisters Edie and Gita Langley were introduced by a mutual friend to pianist-turned-drummer Gabi Woo and the trio decided to turn their backs on their classical training.

Thus, in 2019, Cruel Hearts Cub were born. Using their ultra-super-musical-skills, they have dedicated their life to fighting bad music and the forces of the industry. Especially those who furrow their brow when they see women on stage.

“I work with Cruel Hearts Club, but I also find them incredibly inspiring,” said Verona Edo, 33, the band’s manager. “It’s so empowering to see them on stage.”

Gita Langley playing @ Old Blue Last. Photo by Sara Valle-Martínez.

Despite being released mid-Covid, their song Hey Compadre has already hit more than 12,000 streams on Spotify. If you liked that, you can’t miss their sublime and soul-clenching newest jams off their EP, Trash Love.

Their raw lyrics and headbanging beats make the tunes perfect for a sing-along all in all. Fans are devoted after seeing them live once. Even Sting loves them – he invited them to perform during his residency in The London Palladium last April.

“There’s just something so amazing about turning up to the Palladium every day and bringing your little bag to your dressing room,” Edie said, displaying her tooth gems when she smiles.

“Everyone – him, his family, and his team – are so kind and supporting. It gave us the boost that we needed.”

Cruel Hearts Club live @ Old Blue Last, London. Photo by Sara Valle-Martínez.

Armed with ability and ambition, Edie, Gita, and Gabi departed on their bitingly expressive and revolutionary UK Trash Love Tour a week later. It kicked off in the London, where fans enjoyed their anthem-like lyrics and punchy rhythms.

“They’re unique. They’re very good at involving the audience and you can tell there’s a lot of energy going on onstage,” said fan Louise Tilsley, 46, a primary school teacher who travelled all the way from Bristol to London to see the trio.

Now, Cruel Hearts Club have just finished setting every town on fire on their tour, but you can still join them this summer. Grab your combat boots and get ready for an unconventional old-school rock show! You’ll be speechless – and most probably voiceless – after their gig.

So, are you ready to jam like an animal, compadres?

Check the band’s official website for more information and upcoming tour dates:

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