Primera entrada / First post

🇪🇸 Esta es mi primera entrada. Quería escribir algo para impresionar, pero supongo que entonces será presuntuoso, como si cuando conocieses a alguien por primera vez se hubiese pasado media hora delante del espejo pensando en lo que te dirá. No sé, siempre he pensado que es mejor improvisar. Cuando estudié Filología Inglesa y Literatura nos enseñaron el concepto de stream of consciousness y considero que mi estilo es mucho de eso, bastante visceral y poco pragmático. Quizás yo sea un poco así también. Si quieres, puedes quedarte a descubrirlo.

🇬🇧 This is my first post. I wanted to write something impressive, but I guess then it would also be presumptuous, like if when you were to meet someone for the first time they would have spent half an hour in front of the mirror thinking about what to tell you. I don’t know, I’ve always thought it is better to improvise. When I studied English Philology and Literature they taught us about the concept of ‘stream of consciousness’ and I reckon my style is pretty much that, quite visceral and not pragmatic at all. Perhaps I’m a little bit like that, too. If you want, you can stay and see for yourself.

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