Be festival-ready in five

Festival season is nigh! Dust off your wellies, take your sunscreen, and ready those ears to see and listen to your favourite band this summer. From Glastonbury to Download, these tips will make sure you get all you need to take your experience to the max.

Almost 34 million people go to festivals in the UK every year, as published by London had the highest music tourists spending figures in 2019, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. But most people wonder what to take with them when they go to a festival.

The stress of running from stage to stage to catch all the live acts possible, the expensive food, the heat and the sludgy mud can be complicated to navigate without any prior experience. But fear not, this is the ultimate festival guide.

Reusable bottle

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Glastonbury is one of many festivals that plague the country when the sun comes back out and the temperature allows mid-riff showing and burnt shoulders. Some consider it as royalty, as it’s the longest running festival in the UK.

Marta Lumbierres, 32, who works as a volunteer in Glastonbury every summer, said: “I think a refillable water bottle is key. Festival season is always in summer, so it comes in handy.”

Bum bag

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Passport, keys, protection, phone… you name it, a bum bag can take it. Pickpocketters won’t have it as easy if you hang it over your chest.

“Some people hate them, but it’s the best way of keeping everything secure in one place,” said Ivo Amadeu Netto, 30, a sales coordinator who’s travelled all over the world, from Brazil to the US via Germany, for concerts.


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Even though the UK is not renowned for its tropical weather, sunglasses are a must.

“If we are lucky, to protect from the sun, or from someone you don’t want to make eye contact with,” added Mr Netto.


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“Those who don’t wear their wellies are going to regret it,” said Ms Lumbierres.

“It doesn’t really matter where the festival is. North, South… If you’re going to a festival in the UK, grab your wellies!” said Marina Arraez, 37, who works in human resources. “I’m going to Scotland for a festival later this year and it’s the first thing I’m going to pack.”


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Some festivals, like Slam Dunk, are a one-day event. Some others, like Reading and Leeds, require you to spend big money in hotels that blow up their prices to benefit from the hordes of people marching to the same event. If you are a little bit thrifty, there’s always the chance to camp.

“I know it may sound weird, but earplugs are key! Especially if you’re going to camp there. You don’t want to hear people having sex in the middle of the night… or be woken up by a drunken person. Let’s face it, everyone goes a little wild in festivals!” joked Justin Oliver, 25, a sales representative based in London.

So, are you ready for festival season?

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