Good Fortune after the pandemic for tattoo studio in London

By Sara Valle-Martínez

A couple of self-employed artists who were facing financial ruin because of the pandemic are planning to expand.

Lianne and Jean Le Roux, owners of Good Fortune Studio in 123 King’s Cross Road, are hoping to move to Blackfriars by 2022. They opened their business after working in the permanent make-up and tattoo industry for years.

The couple said they faced a loss of over £90,000 during the pandemic. The government’s Local Restrictions Support Grant and Closed Businesses Lockdown Payment only allowed them to cover rent expenses.

Lianne Le Roux, 28, permanent makeup artist, said: “Even though it was very bad, I was grateful to have those grants from the government because if we didn’t have them, it would have just wiped out all of Jean’s savings and then we would have probably lost the shop.”

Photo by Letu00edcia Lua on (Not Jean Le Roux’s work.)

They had side businesses using the studio’s website for their merchandise: he sold prints of his paintings; she had a separate shop selling coasters and planters.

Jean Le Roux, 35, tattooist, said: “It was the longest amount of time where I wasn’t tattooing every day, so I got to paint and draw a lot… It was good to have creative freedom.”

The pair talked about this as the most stressful time since they opened their studio in 2018. A study by the medical journal The Lancet revealed the cases of depressive and anxiety disorders went up due to the pandemic.

John Foster, 63, tattooist and spokesman of the British Tattoo Artists Federation agreed. He said the BTAF had a forum to keep in touch and support other tattoo artists. “There [was] lots of mental health talk. It surprised me how many tattoo artists still have problems with mental health because of [Covid-19].”

Mrs. Le Roux added: “You’re sitting at home stressed, trying to figure out how you’re going to make any money and then also being worried that you’ll come back and people won’t want your services anymore or that you’re not relevant anymore.”

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