Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland charges entrance fee

By Sara Valle-Martínez

Visitors to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park will have to pay an entrance fee for the first time this Christmas, as the seasonal amusement park tries to keep people safe – and recoup profits lost last year.

Those attending the Christmas market and amusement park will have to book tickets with prices ranging from £5 to up to £15 on the weekend. Winter Wonderland opened on November 19th and will close at the end of the season on January 3rd.

Rebecca Walmsley and Adam Sayers enjoying their snacks @ Winter Wonderland. Photo by Sara Valle-Martínez.

“To be honest, it’s to be expected, especially with it being such a big event,” said Rebecca Walmsley, 21, a student from Belfast.

“If you don’t charge, too many people get in and trouble starts. I actually think it’s a smart decision.”

This Christmas is the first one in two years that Londoners and tourists alike have the chance to visit the venue, after it was closed due to coronavirus. The venue’s security team asked for vaccination passes at the entrance and posters advised visitors to wear a mask.

Opinions about the entrance fee to Winter Wonderland varied amongst guests and workers.

Ángela Domínguez, who works in a churros stall. Photo by Sara Valle-Martínez.

Ángela Domínguez, 53, a Venezuelan worker in a churros stall, said: “I see why they are doing this, but I can also see how this affects others. There’s definitely less people this year.”

Domínguez added that the new rules have influenced the number of visitors. “There’s definitely less people this year.”

Ersin Guler, 33, who sells his art designs in Winter Wonderland, said: “I get the reason is safety, but I’m losing customers and I need to bring food to the table.”

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