News story: Tesco

By: Sara Valle-Martínez

Tesco is installing X-ray scanners to avoid staff pilfering.

The British company Tesco lost over £1.2 million during 2020. The retailers found that, for every £5 profit the staff stole £1. Tesco installed security scanners at staff entrances of 6,000 of their major stores to prevent staff pilfering.

Photo by Erik Scheel on

John Hannett, General Secretary of the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) said: “On behalf of our 30,000 Tesco members I am objecting in the strongest possible way to the installation of airport-style security at staff entrances to the stores. Clearly Tesco management has lost control and respect of its staff and installing X-ray machines will not win it back.”

In a press release, a Tesco spokesperson said: “We understand that for the vast proportion of our staff who behave perfectly lawfully this will be an unnecessary burden, however we hope that loyal staff will understand our reasons for taking this unusual step.”

The loss was particularly relevant when the British multinational grocery retailer reported a drop in their group sales during the year.

Hannett said: “I am investigating whether this measure is in fact an infringement of civil liberties and we will be balloting Tesco staff if they want to strike over this draconian and backward step.”

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